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Where parking is the problem, RVA Valet is the solution.

Parking in Richmond, Virginia and its surrounding areas is often tight, undesirable, or simply impossible to find. By hiring RVA Valet to park for your party or event, all of the stress involved with maneuvering tight streets, parallel parking, or storing vehicles disappears. Our attendants are all licensed and insured to ensure that only the best will get behind the wheel of your cars. 

The moment you pull up to the valet stand, you will know you've made the right choice in hiring RVA Valet. We are staffed with professional, well trained, and friendly people who go above and beyond for the needs of our guests. At RVA Valet, quality, safety, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.   

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1 West Broad St
Richmond, Va 23220




Whether it be a restaurant, concert hall, theater or almost anything else, your business could benefit by offering valet service for your guests. Don't let people be too discouraged to come to your business because they know parking is hard to find. Place the keys in our hands, and let us solve the parking needs of your clients.

Corporate or Private Parties

With RVA Valet, the guests for your parties will arrive right at your door. Any confusion previously had will disappear, and you'll see attendance at your parties go up!  

Shuttle Service

RVA Valet now offers shuttle service to and from your event. This parking solution is could be independent or in tandem with valet service. It is especially good for events on days with poor weather. We will drive your guests right to the front door of the event in a temperature controlled shuttle.


On your big day, you should not have to worry about parking availability for your friends and family. So don't! Hire RVA Valet and let us worry about parking for you!